Photography provided by Nicole Freeman

From the suburbs of San Antonio, TX to over 16 countries (and counting) about my story here.  

pic of me

To see the world, things dangerous to come to. To see behind walls. To draw closer, and to feel. That is the PURPOSE of LIFE
— The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

me in Oia

Where am I from or where was I born?

Every military brat's response to "Where are you from?". My dad is retired Army and my mother served in the Air Force for about 4 years. Needless to say, my siblings and I have lived everywhere - from Panama to Texas. I guess you can say my lust for new places is a result of my military upbringing. The only difference is, the next location of choice is mine.

So what am I doing in Cowtown Texas if I'm always daydreaming of my next adventure? 

Ant and Mushu

I am currently a graduate student at Tarleton State University here in Fort Worth. I guess you can say I didn't really get the travel bug until after my first deployment - you gain a certain appreciation and love of life from being in the desert for a year. Anyways, after returning from my first tour, I packed my bags and left to Europe, not to return for another month! I experienced life in a way I never thought I could and I've been going on adventures ever since. 

Now, I am finishing up my Master's while saving up for my next big backpacking tour of...well...wherever I have't been before. I live in an amazing city with my wonderful dog son, Mushu, and my amazing boyfriend, Anthony. Although he doesn't quite have the same travel bug as I do, he supports me and does his best to make sure my map continues to get its pins. 

what is wanderlust?

  • The longing to see places one has never been and to see people one have never met
  • The craving for foreign foods, countless varieties of wine, and limitless music
  • The curiosity to explore old buildings & experience years of history 
  • The desire to take memories, not things
  • The excitement one feels when they can become whoever they want, wherever they want
  • The joy one feels when they get to wake up in new places and every day is a new adventure
  • The ironic pleasure one feels when they get to recount the time they were lost in the streets of Ancient Rome
  • The hangover of days where even the forgotten moments were the most memorable